Mission Statement

The purpose of GCI is to identify missionaries, missionary candidates and missionary ministries within Life Church who will passionately and purposefully pursue the goal of the Great Commission; to offer encouragement, spiritual covering and counsel to those individuals and ministries; to identify those outside the Life Church Family who have divinely connected with us, and to aid them in fulfilling the Great Commission.  

About Us

GCI was officially founded by Richard (Dick) Braswell in 1979 out of a deep passion to see the Gospel shared with the world after he and his wife, Patricia (Pat), were denied the right to go on the mission field under the covering of the Southern Baptist Mission Board due to health issues being experienced by Sis. Pat. Due to this major change in life plans for the couple, they began to re-focus this passion into local outlets and ministries--out of which came ministry to Navaho Native Americans in Arizona; the establishment of a Christian school known as Faith Academy; radio, television, printing, and drama ministry within the church that spawned ministries to those outside the church such as to prisoners, bikers, and the homeless.  Wanting to spread the Gospel to as many people as possible, GCI began spreading its influence beyond American borders.  Throughout its history, this ministry has supported missionaries in Haiti, Liberia, Ukraine, the Asian Pacific, Australia, Latvia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Ghana, Romania, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Israel, Honduras, Mexico, and most recently Ethiopia, South Africa, and Russia.